Kids, today have thousands of different toys at their reach, but you will usually find that they are fascinated by the idea of learning how to make their own origami toys. The will keep them close to them, treasure them and try to make some other creations too. This art fosters a child’s creative instincts and widens his imagination, which is the precise reason why many schools incorporate lessons of kids’ crafts as part of their curriculum. If a few paints or crayons are resting in your safe, why not use them. Make interesting things out of papers, wires, rubber bands, buttons and ribbons and create things with your favorite colors just as it pleases you.

Your kids can make beautiful and colorful paper flowers. Numerous tutorials on website can help them out. They can be used in home décor and a fun project both. Your kids have all the figures of action heroes but the city which has to be saved is missing. Help him out to construct a cityscape scene. Decorate the buildings by giving them detail. A pinwheel is a classic child’s toy especially when it is blown on gently and spun. A colorful and designed pinwheel can provide hours of entertainment for your kid. If you have a useless jar, ask your kid to make an eco-system of his own. With mud and plants and corals and even a fish perhaps would be the best.

Now when you are done with all your kids’ craft after day’s imagination, where to and how to save and display all of the creative projects! Here too, you can use a little creativity while displaying these projects.

You can cover an entire wall or half, perhaps; with cork board either in the kid’s room or in a common room where he can hang his arts and crafts using colorful push pins.

It will be cool to use images of your child’s artwork as your desktop wallpaper and even a screen saver on your computer. Or else, you can make it a bookmark.

You can also make a personalized calendar which features an appropriate piece of kid’s craft and style each month. This can be as simple as gluing his artwork over the art of an existing calendar or as fancy as taking photos of the projects and having a calendar custom made.

Using an old window as a means to display a child’s artwork is a very fun idea. You just have to attach the artwork to the window pane using clear tape and hang.