In this era of the world the world is moving to the new level of technological advancement in every walk of life. The trend has been changed and people try to adopt new ways to become the market leaders. Changes have been made in gardening landscape with introduction of Japanese Garden a century ago. It is traditional way to creating your own landscape in much stylish way. These gardens were first designed by the rulers, emperors in order to give artistic and aesthetic pleasure and self esteem.

The Japanese Garden have different styles like Zen gardens, rustic gardens, stroll gardens and courtyard gardens. When looking in to the history we can clear see the influence of Chinese garden when concept of Japanese Garden was brought. They are highly influenced with the aesthetics of Chinese gardens and with the passage of time they have introduce and develop the Japanese culture to it. After some time period these gardens were taken in to the notice by the world and now they have developed their own distinct mark on the world. After the 19th century, the new western setting has been added to the Japanese gardens to make them more stylish.

The Japanese garden went through different evolutionary stages and now regarded as one of the best models in the world. Now most of the countries are hiring the Japanese consultant to build some good gardens to make the city look attractive. There are a lot of elements involve in development of Japanese garden and you can use these elements like islands, hills, ponds, streams to give a natural look to the garden. Some of the important elements used in ancient time to create stylish Japanese model gardens. Stones, sand and gravel are prominent elements used in that time. Stone got an important place in Japanese culture as people used to worship it and these large stones were places in the gardens that reflect their love and connection towards their religious fate.

Now in today’s world, the stones, gravels and hills are used for decorative purpose. These elements are used to build pathways, bridge material for the gardens. Small rocks are better utilized by placing them on the ponds and streams in the garden. Some dry stone have been placed in these gardens that symbolize the islands, mountains and waterfall. In some models gravels and stones has replaced the water. Good luck.